Massage Therapy at Spa Above

Massage Therapy at Spa Above

stones-croppedWe offer two styles of massage and various packages that combine massage therapy and spa treatments. Therapeutic Massage is firmer, penetrating, deep tissue technique for sore muscles and pain relief. Relaxation Massage uses a lighter touch.

  • Relaxation Massage (30/60m)45.00/65.00
  • Therapeutic Massage (30/60m)50.00/75.00
  • Hot Stones Massage (55 or 90m)95.00/130.00
  • 15-min Chair Massage $1.00 per minute15.00
  • Warm Shea Candle Massage Treatment (1h)95.00

A skin-softening and muscle-warming treatment.

        • Four Hands Massage (1h) 120.00

Couples Massage (1h) Relaxation .. 120.00 Therapeutic .. 140.00

      • Add Warm Shea Candle to any Massage, Mani/Pedi 10-30.00