Bridal Parties

Here comes the Bride 

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Styling & Relaxation for the entire wedding party. Let the festivities begin at Salon 230. We can help you achieve the right look for the occasion. Whether it’s french braids, upstyles, hair extensions or the perfect placement of accessories, the possibilities as unique as the individuals we work with.

We urge you to book a consultation to discuss your formal hair styling and makeup and establish an appropriate timeframe prior to the event. All the primping and pampering that every bride and princess dreams about is central to the wedding festivities. You’ll see your signature style in the making, from classic to trendy to full-on glam.

Personalized treatment packages are available or choose one of our spa packages. Contact Glenna for pre-party planning and any refreshments you may want served.  (386) 253-8737 .. Consultation is encouraged.

Bridal Packages

photoThe Big Day (1h30m) (and up) per person .. 90.00 • Wedding day formal hair & makeup for bridal parties • Formal styling, accessories, flowers, etc. • Great photo opp!

Half the fun of the journey is in the planning. See how it all comes together in the styling phase, when we transform you and your bridesmaids into a dreamy vision. It takes time and expertise, not to mention planning, to get ready to walk down the aisle or stroll the red carpet. We encourage you to plan accordingly so you are camera-ready and have a moment of relaxation to help you catch your breath.

Pretty Bride & Maids Primping Party (2h30m) ..120.00 (and up) per person • This is the party to book for the day (or week) before your wedding. Includes a Massage and Spa Mani & Pedi.

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Pre-Wedding Face & Body (2h) .. 177.00 • This is the appointment to book about two weeks before your wedding. YonKa Gommage Marine Body Treatment • Relaxation Massage • YonKa Aroma Charmé Facial & Brow Wax.

Prom Princess (1h30m) .. 120.00 YonKa • “Soin Teenager” Facial with Spa Manicure and Pedicure.


On Location Styling  We are available for hair and makeup sessions at the location of your choice for weddings and other events. Request Quote.


Salon and Spa Wedding Services include:

• Blow drying • Flat Iron styling • Curling, etc

• Hair Accessories and “Upstyles”

• French Braiding

• Hair Extensions

• Small group Spa Parties

• Manicure & Pedicure

• Massage & Body Treatments

• Facials

• Waxing

• Refreshments

Note: 20% gratuity will be added to all Spa Packages and Wedding Parties at checkout. Please be familiar with salon policy before booking your group wedding appointments. We urge you to schedule a consultation. Prices vary slightly among stylists and with hair condition and length. Base prices are shown here. Please inquire about cost prior to services. We will gladly provide a price quote for you.