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Spa Above .. Downtown Daytona

 Serenity now!  Spa Above is located on the second floor of the Salon 230 building. Come see us for a relaxing time out and a luxe YonKa facial ..

yonka2_logoYou might occasionally be required to act your age, but you certainly don’t have to look it. Let’s enhance your natural glow with the Anti-Age Advanced Optimizer facial (1h15) .. 95.00. This is a luxurious, three-dimensional lifting and firming YONKA facial that will help you keep up the good fight.

Old Trail Honey..Daytona Beach, Florida

 hey Honey! Did you know that we are beekeepers?   
todd_beekeeper It’s true. You can find a variety of our prized all-natural, honey products at Spa Above. We love the honeybees and the whole idea of a local food source .. We’ve been tending our hives and producing our own honeylicous beauty products for quite some time now. We have a special, skin-friendly body scrub that is used in some of our treatments. Several of the hives are located right here. Our rooftop apiary has been productive with the help of our precious, lovely, winged friends. The local honeybees generously provide a steady, golden flow of honey to which we add Dead Sea salt and essential oils. We also have jars of our local honey if you need a sweet gift.   Old Trail Honey Page.